B2B kids having a blast at the Shaun Livingston Clinic

Shaun Livingston Basketball Clinic

Friday, July 14, 2017




  1. Back2Basics High School Boys Winter Team
    10 Feb, 2018
    Back2Basics High School Boys Winter Team
    This group of young men are truly special. They worked extremely hard this winter season. Their individual development was evident from the 1st game of the winter tournament. They pushed through their own barriers, and grew in ways they did not expect. They built bonds with each other they thought could not be forged. They learned how to encourage themselves and each other. They also took on the task of challenging one another; breaking down walls together, resulting in consistent progress in
  2. Back2Basics High School Boys @ Brooklyn Nets Vs. Atlanta Hawks game
    02 Dec, 2017
    Back2Basics High School Boys @ Brooklyn Nets Vs. Atlanta Hawks game
    These young men enjoyed themselves at the game. For some, it was their first ever NBA game. We are humbled and honored to have been, for some, a blessing of giving a first ever experience. We are looking forward to what's to come. These young men are working hard getting ready for the up and coming Winter league.
  3. B2B coaches at the USA Basketball Coaches Academy
    20 May, 2017
    The USA Basketball Coach Academy, presented by Nike, provided a valuable insight and education to the our dedicated coaching staff and administrators of our program. Academy sessions imparted the USA Basketball curriculum for a proper skill development path to teach the game to players of all ages and ability levels. Additionally, guest speakers delivered on and off the court sessions on basketball and leadership topics. Our coaching staff left the academy with the opportunity to become USA
  4. B2B Honored at the Santa Maria'
    22 Nov, 2016
    B2B Honored at the Santa Maria's 90th Anniversary
    Back 2 Basics Academy was an Honoree at Santa Maria's 90th Anniversary Gala for our Commitment and Service to their Community.
  5. Girls Basic Training
    21 Nov, 2016
    Girls Basic Training
    Great Job this afternoon ladies: Skill Sets, Relationships and Confidence growing every session.
  6. Coach J and  Backs 2 Basicss Academy Profiled
    12 Nov, 2016
    Coach J and Backs 2 Basicss Academy Profiled in New York Sports Connection
    A great article that profiles Coach J and Back 2 Basics was published in New York Sports Connection. Please read:  ​ https://www.newyorksportsconnection.com/ny_commentary/back-2-basics-jermaine-lloyd/