Coach J and  Backs 2 Basicss Academy Profiled

Coach J and Backs 2 Basicss Academy Profiled in New York Sports Connection

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Gil Leon


  1. B2B kids having a blast at the Shaun Livingston Clinic
    14 Jul, 2017
    Shaun Livingston Basketball Clinic
    Back2Basics Academy received a very special honor by being invited to the Shaun Livingston Basketball Clinic; hosted by none-other that our very good friend Coach Cliff Morgan CEO of 94ft of Game. B2B kids endured a very rigorous and at the same time fun conditioning and skills set session. Shaun Livingston spoke on incorporating all aspects of playing basketball to your developing game and conducting yourself on and off the courts. Here are some comments from some of our members who attended
  2. B2B coaches at the USA Basketball Coaches Academy
    20 May, 2017
    The USA Basketball Coach Academy, presented by Nike, provided a valuable insight and education to the our dedicated coaching staff and administrators of our program. Academy sessions imparted the USA Basketball curriculum for a proper skill development path to teach the game to players of all ages and ability levels. Additionally, guest speakers delivered on and off the court sessions on basketball and leadership topics. Our coaching staff left the academy with the opportunity to become USA
  3. B2B Honored at the Santa Maria'
    22 Nov, 2016
    B2B Honored at the Santa Maria's 90th Anniversary
    Back 2 Basics Academy was an Honoree at Santa Maria's 90th Anniversary Gala for our Commitment and Service to their Community.
  4. Girls Basic Training
    21 Nov, 2016
    Girls Basic Training
    Great Job this afternoon ladies: Skill Sets, Relationships and Confidence growing every session.